REMIX: Banjo-Kazooie “Into the Swamp”


I just released a new remix from the classic Nintendo 64 game Banjo-Kazooie.  I’ve done a full writeup on the remix and you can read all about it over at the Tweex Music Website (here’s a direct link)

VIDEO: Abigail – Episode 3: “Flash”


Well, it’s been a little while since Abigail episode 2 released and the Thanksgiving break brought more delays.  However, episode 3 is finally here and the show gets even better!

This episode has been just as fun as the others, if not more so, as I was able to develop/write two new character themes: the themes for Fox and Gabrielle.  I’ll be able to develop them more in future episodes as we get to know their characters better.  In addition to the new themes, episode 3 is a crucial pivoting point for the series so far as this episode is really setting the stage for some amazing stuff to come.  No spoilers will come from me so you’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime, enjoy episode 3; I have little doubt that you will!


VIDEO: Abigail – Episode 2: “Standby Me”

Episode 2 of the Abigail series is HERE!  It released this past Thursday and I apologize for the delay in posting this!  However, it’s here and you can watch it.  Even though I may be a bit biased, this episode gets even better.  The suspense continues to build and believe me, it only gets better from here!  So, enjoy the new episode!

VIDEO: Abigail – Episode 1: “Wake Up O’ Sleeper”

It’s official: Abigail episode 1 has just been released and yours truly has been privileged enough to do the music!  In addition to the music, I created the sound design for the show and took care of the the ADR sessions and mixing.  This episode turned out SO well and everyone involved has made this incredible!  Believe me when I say that what comes next is even better (and should be here soon).  However, I won’t spoil the future and will allow you to enjoy the present; believe me, you WILL enjoy it!

VIDEO: ‘Abigail’ Trailer – Web Series

I was contacted by a college friend of mine about a year or so ago about a new web series he was creating called “Abigail.”  All I knew at the time is that it was a Sci-Fi show.  Fast forward to just a couple days ago and I heard from him that the trailer was ready to go and they wanted music.  They sent it to me with a couple of notes about the trailer and the only direction musically being “Electronic and Big.”  Well, I sat down, and here is the result of my labor: the finished trailer.  If you’re going to Dragon Con this weekend, be on the lookout as the Abigail gang will be there promoting it.

Let me know what you guys think of the music.  Personally, I think it turned out exceptionally well!  Enjoy :)!